Worst Week Ever

Last week was the 

Well, maybe not ever. But it was definitely the worst week I can remember having in a long, long time.

Somebody in our family had either the stomach bug, an ear infection, or strep throat e v e r y day of the week. Which means there was throw up most nights. Screaming children most nights. A crying mommy some nights. And exhausted parents every night. And day.

It also means we were stuck in the house e v e r y day of the week. Which makes me crazy.

It also means I did about 88 loads of laundry consisting of germy blankets and vomit-covered stuffed animals.

It also means I used a whole can of Lysol.

It also means we were ever-so-grateful when my mother-in-law offered to take the kids overnight Saturday night--even when she knew they were sleeping horribly. Thank the Lord (and G-mom) for giving us a freaking break! Matt earned the Best Husband Award by joining me in a Twilight-a-thon all day Saturday. We were lazy, and it was awesome. 

It also means I lost two pounds. I'm neverrr the person who loses weight while I'm sick! So that was cool.

Oh yeah--another pretty cool thing happened last week.

My sister finallyyy had her baby! Meet my dear nephew, Philip Michael:
I can't wait to go snuggle with him in a few days. (You can all call me "Aunt Holly" from now on..)

Anyways, here's to a better week this time around! A week without sickness! A week full of play-dates! A week where I get to meet my nephew!

It's gonna be good. :)


  1. Ugh, sorry for all the sickness you guys have been dealing with!! Hope everyone is feeling much better now!

  2. Oh poor you, hope your new week is getting better :) Some love, Melissa

  3. So sorry for the sickness. I was in the boat a few weeks ago, too. Got pretty good at catching vomit with a bowl :) Anyway also popping in to say hi! Come visit us at justatouchofcrazy.com! We're new mommy bloggers, we're having a giveaway, and we need mommy blogger friends! I'll be back in to visit so I hope your kids get better and soon!


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