Tough Mudder, Here We Come

Friends, I've been sick more this winter than ever before. How does one get a stomach bug and strep throat within a week of each other??! I normally don't even get sick very often, so this hit me hard. I'm missing the gym and contact with human beings outside of my family.

I guess I'll look on the bright side--today is the first day of Spring!! (Who's bringing me free Rita's??) And in 34 hours I won't be contagious anymore!

Anyways, that's enough sick-talk.

It's officially less than a month until my husband and I participate in a Tough Mudder with a few friends. I'm very excited aaaand a little afraid. I mean, we're going to be running 12 miles, which I've never done before. We're going to be swimming in ice water, and then running through fields covered in electric wires. Crazy? Mayyybe. There are a total of 19 obstacles, I think.  So, we'll probably almost die. But it'll be fun. I hope. To be honest, I'm mostly afraid of the ice water. I hate cold water. So much.

I haven't been doing anything too crazy to train for it. I go to Body Pump twice a week, if possible. (Which hasn't been very possible lately since I'm getting sick all the time..) And I run 3ish miles 2ish times a week. About 2 weeks ago, my husband and I decided we'd make little goals for ourselves. Mine was to complete 100 real push-ups and 15 chin-ups every day.

When I started, I was doing 5 sets of 20 push-ups, and now I can do 4 sets of 25 without dying! When I started, I was doing 5 chin-ups at a time, and now I can do 10 at a time! I'm so proud of myself--I've never done that many in my life! Is it weird that I remember in 2nd grade I did 7 pull-ups??? I just assumed I'd reached my life-time max in 2nd grade..lol.

Thank you, Body Pump, for giving me muscles. Before I started taking Body Pump about two years ago, I couldn't do a single chin-up...and I'm sure my (lack of) push-ups were quite embarrassing!

There's still a little time to join our team! Who's in??


  1. Wow, that sounds like a hardcore obstacle race! I would be dreading the ice water, too!

    1. I dreamt about the Tough Mudder all night last night, and the ice water was definitely the worst! lol

  2. Where are you running this at? My friend at work wants to know. Shedid one last year and she said it was the hardest thing she ever did!

    1. We're doing the one in the Poconos :) I'm excited..but am planning on it being harder than anything I've done! haha


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