How to Catch a Leprechaun

One of Kellyn's homework assignments this week was to make a leprechaun trap. This was one of the most exciting kindergarten projects so far. It was definitely entertaining to listen to her clever ideas about how she would trick the leprechaun into getting into her trap!

Up until this assignment, Kellyn knew leprechauns weren't real.

Kellyn-- "Why would my teacher give us homework to catch something that's make-believe?"
Me-- "I don't know..it just sounds like something fun to do!"
Kellyn-- "A boy in my class told me the real leprechaun lives as high as Heaven."

I'm assuming her thought process went something like this: Well, Heaven is real. So I guess a leprechaun who lives near Heaven must be real.

Now she thinks there's a real leprechaun. That lives near Heaven. Great.

Anyways, here's our adorable leprechaun trap:

We decorated a cardboard box like a rainbow collage to lure in the leprechaun and, of course, placed a little pot of gold under the box. Then we propped the box up with an empty paper towel roll tied to a string. We even made a little "free gold" sign to trick the leprechaun.

And that's that. A super-simple project that supplied Kellyn with her dose of crafting for the week! (That collage took foreverrr.)

I just hope she's not too heart-broken when she doesn't actually catch a leprechaun this year.... darn you, little boy in her class for making her believe! ;)

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  1. Wow, that's so creative! And I was giggling about the real leprechaun who lives near heaven....


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