We Want Beautiful Hearts

Most mornings are a whirlwind around here. If Kellyn catches the bus with untangled hair, brushed teeth, matching clothes, and a full belly without syrup on her face, I call it a win. Sometimes I even consider it a win if the syrup is on her face.

Then there are the mornings that are more like a hurricane. Like Friday morning. This particular morning included all of the normal hustle and bustle of the whirlwind mornings plus not-so-nice words exchanged between Kellyn and Jude, tears due to a nose that was somehow whacked on the kitchen counter (don't ask), more tears due to not having extra time to play before school, and more mean words. Then, to top off our fabulous morning, I zipped Kellyn's finger up in her coat on our way out the door. More tears.

Needless, to say we did not make it to the bus stop on time.

I was stressed to the max. I had heard enough crying and fighting and whining that morning to last me the rest of the day year. I wanted to go back to bed, or and cry, or and run. Literally--like, I wanted to actually put on my sneakers and run away. But I'm kinda responsible for the well-being of my children, so I decided against running away and drove my daughter to school instead.

Luckily my husband was still home, so I didn't have to lug Jude along. Kellyn and I headed to school; just the two of us. I was about to crank up the music because that's what I do when I'm feeling overwhelmed, and then I remembered a verse I had read a few days before.

Matthew 15:18
I shut off my music, and shared the verse with Kellyn. I thought she would brush it off since she was in such a bad mood,  but she was surprisingly interested. I was able to explain to her that when we say ugly things, it means we have ugliness in our hearts. My Kellyn loves all things sparkly and pretty--the last thing she wants is an ugly heart.

We decided a few things that morning:

We will memorize that verse. 
We want beautiful hearts. 
We want to say lovely things. 
{especially to little brothers}
We will pray.
We will read our Bibles.
We will sing "church songs".

One-on-one time with Kellyn is so very rare. What was almost an empty five-minute ride to school turned into a refreshing, tender moment with my daughter. I'll cherish that trip to school for a long time.


I'm Blogging on a Pouf

Friends, it was a long winter. It was too cold, the sun didn't shine much, and I didn't feel like doing anything. This blog crossed my mind a few times, but honestly, I didn't even have the desire to do anything with it..except for that one time that I was feeling depressed about my baby turning four. By the way, he did turn four, and I did survive. I didn't even cry on his birthday. Go, Mommy!

I don't know if it's the warm air or what, but possible blog posts have been popping into my head all week long. So, yay..I'm backkkk! And today I'm blogging on a pouf because Jude and play-dough have taken over my usual blogging spot. 

I will happily give up my spot if that means he will entertain himself for a few moments. Mommas, you know how it is. Play-dough is my favorite thing right now.

Anyways, a lot has happened this winter. Like, a LOT.

I got a niece for Christmas.

Jude turned four. {Mario Party post to follow}

Kellyn's bedroom got a makeover. {post to follow}

Kellyn & Jude started swim lessons.

Kellyn turned SEVEN--her Mermaid Slumber Party is only three days away! 
{You'll hear all about that too}

Our livingroom is in the process of getting a make-over too--my husband has become a DIY-er overnight and I love it.

We've decided, as a family, to eat healthier foods. Have you seen the salad in a jar thing all over Pinterest? Well, they're awesome and actually stay crisp and fresh all week!

Wait, did I just say Kellyn's party is three days away? I should probably stop blogging and figure out how to make cookies in the shape of clams or something. 

And my back hurts from sitting on this pouf.

It's good to be back. :)

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